Pakistani-Style Fruit Salad

>> Friday, March 12, 2010

Recipe by Food Connection

This is a great way to use up excess fruit to throw in this very simple and nice fruit salad that anyone can make for a yummy and healthy snack. 

apples, chopped
mandrin oranges with light syrup
bananas, chopped
dried raspberries
golden raisins
lemon juice
sugar (optional)
chaat masala (See note)

Put all the apples, mandarin orange (reserved light syrup), and bananas together in a medium bowl.  Add dried raspberries and dried golden to the fruit bowl.  Sprinkle chaat masala, light syrup, lemon juice, sugar(optional) according to taste.  Toss well until the ingredients are mixed and serve chill.   Enjoy! 

Notes: you can find chaat masala at any Indian/Pakistani grocery stores.

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